Weekend Stitch classes: sewing and dressmaking

Weekly 'make whatever you want' sewing classes on Saturdays or Sundays:
  • Stitch Weekends classes are suitable for complete beginners AND those with some experience!  
  • Get expert support from experienced, friendly and enthusiastic sewing teachers.  Jo Bunner is the regular teacher of our weekend classes
  • Cover the content of most other courses 
  • Book your own mix of dates (no need to come weekly) 
  • Choose number of classes (save money by buying a block)
  • Make whatever you want - we have project suggestions or bring your own 
  • Maximum 5 students per class. 
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"The class with Jo was really good, she was very helpful with helping cut out my pattern and fitting it to me. Can't wait for my next class!"
Cecily Moxey, Hove, Pastry Chef
 "I'm so pleased to have learnt the machine basics! Great venue - bright, welcoming and comfortable."
Julie Stingone, Teacher, Brighton

What to make/sew in these classes

Absolute beginners....

  • Learn to use a sewing machine (1 class - practise threading and stitches plus start a simple item)
  • Make a simple item from one of our beginner level sewing patterns; shopping bag, cushion cover, zip purse etc (Cushion 1-2 classes, Bag 1-2 classes, Purse 1 class)
  • To see a list of sewing project suggestions and how many classes we suggest please click here. Alternatively if you know you want to do loads of sewing, save money by block booking 10 classes, work out what to bring for your first class out only and we'll help you from there!


  • Make clothes from commercial patterns (5+ classes)
  • Make our A-line or pencil skirt, jersey dress, pocket wall hanging, piped cushions, applique designs or other items - info here
  • Make clothes from vintage patterns (we have lots you can copy free of charge - we'll help you re-size them if needed - 7+ classes)
  • Alter shop bought patterns for a perfect fit (1+ classes)
  • Alter your clothes (1+ classes)
  • Make soft furnishings and any other sewing projects (1+ classes)
  • Replicate a simple favourite garment (bring more than one to copy in case one is not suitable)(1+ classes)
  • To see a list of sewing project suggestions and how many classes we suggest please click here. Alternatively if you know you want to do loads of sewing, save money by block booking 10 classes, work out what to bring for your first class out only and we'll help you from there!
These subjects need certain courses and classes:

What to bring to class click here or scroll down

Price - these 3 hour classes can be purchased in a block to save up to 40% You can select your own mix of class dates/days as you go - no need to book all your dates up front. 

  • £35 - 1 class (use within 2 months)

  • £79 - 3 classes (SAVE £26 - £26.33 per class - use within 2 months)

  • £145 - 6 classes(SAVE £65 - £24.16 per class - use within 4 months)

  • £220 - 10 classes(SAVE £130 - £22 per class - use within 6 months)

Class Dates
We update this date list manually once a week but you will see which dates have space once you click through to book. To join the waiting list for any full dates below please contact us here

  • Saturday 22nd April 10am-12.30pm FULL
  • Sunday 30th April 11am-2pm
  • Sunday 7th May 11am-2pm
  • Saturday 13th May 10.30am-1.30pm
  • Sunday 21st May 10.30am-1.30pm
  • Sunday 28th May 11am-2pm
    Groupon Voucher Holders: click here to book

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Level/age of students at Stitch Weekends
Absolute Beginner, Improver, Intermediate & Experienced aged 13 - adult
Those aged 7-12 may book onto this class if accompanied by an adult (non paying, same adult every class) as their dedicated helper

How many classes to book
Please click here to see how many classes we suggest for various sewing project suggestions. Alternatively if you know you want to do loads of sewing, save money by block booking 10 classes, work out what to bring for your first class out only and we'll help you from there!

Sewing Machines 
We provide sewing machines, which are Janome 525S - the same machines they used on the BBC's The Great British Sewing Bee, or you can bring your own. 

Class location
The Sewing Lounge is situated in Kingsway House, opposite the South end of George St, Hove. It's easy to get to on the bus or on foot from Hove station. You'll be sent full details of getting to us and parking on your booking confirmation. 
Venue information for people with limited mobility - click here for information on venue access if you have a disability or injury

How to book  

  • Each person attending needs an individual log in/password/own contact details to book - you cannot book 2 people on at once through one profile/payment as they will not appear on the system.  If you would like to book on a friend who is not already registered with us, you will need to set them up an account.  To do this you will need their name, email address and contact phone number.
  • Click the arrow on 'week' at the top of the page to scroll forward or back a week to view and choose your first class date. (OR if you'd like to just book a set of classes and choose dates later click the 'Online Store' tab, then 'services')
  • Click 'Book Now' next to the date you want, then 'Buy 1-10 classes' and follow the on-screen instructions to pay (you can pay for 1 or 3 classes then after paying click 'book another class' to choose your other dates)
  • Booking terms: By making this booking you are agreeing to our booking terms - please read them here before booking (opens in new window)
  • Your payment and booking confirmations will be sent to you immediately in 2 separate emails - please check they are correct. If you don't receive them, please contact us here.
  • Questions or problems? Email us here or call Kat on 07958964810 (leaving a contact name, number and reason for call if you get voicemail). 

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What to Bring:  

  • What to Bring  

    Improvers/Experienced should bring:

    • Need to choose a project? please click here to see sewing project options, what to bring and how many classes to book per project - you can ask us if not sure by emailing us at info@sewinbrighton.co.uk - you can attach an image of what you want to make or describe it. 
    • If you are making clothes bring your pattern, fabric and notions as stated on back of your pattern envelope (zips, buttons, lining, fusible interfacing etc) - for help buying patterns and fabric please read the Pre-course pattern and fabric buying trip checklist . 
    • If making clothes, wear thin trousers (with few or no pockets) or leggings and a vest top for making clothes so we can fit the pattern to you and/or take full measurements.
    • For making other items bring whatever you need to complete your project.
    • Bring a pot of good quality plastic or glass headed dressmaking pins for all projects

    Beginners should bring:

    • Need to choose a project first? Please click here to see ideal first project options and what to bring for them 
    • If you would like to follow our Learn To Use a Sewing Machine programme, where in 2-3 Stitch Weekend classes you learn to use a sewing machine and then make a cushion cover or bag and then a zipped darted purse (see pictures here of these 3 items), you will need to bring: 
      • FABRIC - (bring your own or you can buy from us for £5 mtr cash in class). You will need a length of non-stretch medium weight fabric (e.g. printed cotton) any width from 44" (112cm) upwards:
        • a bag needs one metre of fabric 112cm-150cm wide (will also be enough for the purse)
        • a 16" square cushion need half a metre (plus extra 25cm if you are making purse next - or we have plenty of free fabric off cuts for purses)
        • an 18" square cushion needs one metre (will also be enough for the purse)
        • a 20" cushion need 1.6 metre (will also be enough for the purse)
      • FOR CUSHION: bring a cushion to re-cover or a new cushion pad/inner, up to 20" square in size. We have 16" square high quality microfibre filled pads in stock for £3.50 - bring cash to class if you would like to buy one
      • FOR BAG: optional - for a fast-sew bag we have cotton tape strap material you can buy here - 50p short straps, £1 long straps, otherwise you can make your own straps (takes extra half hour to hour) from the remaining fabric above
      • FOR PURSE: a 6” closed end ordinary zip (or buy one from us at class for £1)
        • a reel of good quality thread that blends in well with fabric above
        • a pot of good quality plastic or glass headed dressmaking pins (or buy from us for £3.50 cash at class, plus we have fab magnetic pin cushions for £7))
    • your booking confirmation's instructions on how to find us, plus your mobile phone (if you have one) in case of emergency!

    For Groupon Voucher Holders: 

  • If you are attending one of our Stitch Classes with a Groupn Voucher and are making a cushion or bag, all materials are provided. Please show your Groupon voucher (on phone or printed) to your teacher so they know not to charge you for fabric and trimmings

  • Bring your glasses if you need them for close-up work

  • Info for all levels:

    • Bring your glasses if you need them for close-up work
    • For a list of local fabric shops and sewing machine info click here
    • If your fabric has cotton content: wash your fabric first and to iron it (testing the iron temparature first on a small piece). Cord and denim needs to be handwashed/wrung and drip dried (not machine spun) as it often creases permanently
    • We provide, but bring if you have them: sewing machines, scissors, pins, chalk and tape measures, students also have access to our Overlocker.
    • If you’re still not sure what to bring please contact us for advice.

    For a list of local fabric shops and sewing machine info click here