Love your Overlocker (or ours)!

Get confident in setting up, threading up and adjusting tension on an overlocker with professional industry garment machinist Carrie White

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Get confident in setting up, threading up and adjusting tension on an overlocker with professional industry garment machinist Carrie White
You'll also learn the easiest way to neaten professional looking seams (much quicker than zigzagging), including corners and curves.  
Overlockers are also used to sew stretch fabric, which will be demonstrated on this course and explored in more depth in our Overlocking With Jersey & Knits workshop


"I just wanted to say how totally amazing the overlooking workshop was!  My machine was unused before - now I feel inspired to do so much more.  I have been a sewer since a teen, it's so good to get out and learn new things.  And the group were great too.  The internet maybe be full of videos but nothing can replace human contact."
Carolyn Matheson, London

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(We'll provide an overlocker if you don't have one - email us after booking to say if you need one or are bringing your own)
 Please click here to read information about the Singer overlocker from Lidl, and our Overlocker purchase recommendations

Price: £75 or Early Bird price £60 (book a month or more in advance for an Early Bird saving of £15) 
An alternative to this workshop (if you can't make any of the dates) is to come and see the workshop teacher Carrie, for a 1-2-1 lesson.  View more details here.  
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What next? If you have already completed this workshop, or already know the basics, you might be interested in our Overlocking with Jersey & Knits or our Level 2 Overlocker workshops

Experience: Experience needed: This course is designed for absolute beginners to overlocking or those who have done some overlocking but are not yet fully confident with threading up, tension and use. For adults and children aged 16+.

Teacher: Carrie White. As well as teaching Carrie is a dressmaker and costumier and has a permanent postion as a garment production sewing machinist for a local fashion house. In this role she uses overlockers on a daily basis as part of her garment production process - so you could not be in better hands! Reviews from this course with Carrie have been consistently excellent

Venue: The Sewing Lounge, Hove 
WE HAVE STAIRS - but we will help you!:  We are on the 3rd floor (no lift) but your teacher can bring your overlocker up the stairs for you - just arrive 15 mins early 

Workshop content:
You'll learn how to

  • Thread up and re-thread
  • Adjust tension
  • Clean your machine, replace needles, adjust stitch length, overlock with and adjusted stitch "width", adjust the blade position
  • Overlock woven fabrics - any of the techniques taught on the woven fabric apply to stretch fabric.
  • Sew corners, curved edges and hems
  • After lunch, spend more time practising the above techniques of your choice with your tutor's support

What to bring:

Machine buying advice: We don't recommend you purchase the Singer overlocker from Lidl!  This is a difficult machine, prone to breaking.  If you already own one of these machines, bring it along to your workshop anyway but please let us know in advance here.
Carrie our overlocker teacher highly recommends the Brother 1034D - it's a good machine, easy to thread and a very reasonable price. 

  • Fabric:
    • Half a metre of firmly woven cotton or poly-cotton fabric like calico or furnishing fabric (doesn't need to be high end quality),
    • Pieces of jersey if you want to learn to overlock stretch fabric, plus bits of any other fabrics you would like to try out on an overlocker 
    • Cut the fabric up into squares or strips at home before you come along (roughly 15cm squares or 15cm wide strips as a guideline, but any size is fine, just not really tiny!). You will not have time to cut them during the workshop.
  • Thread: 3x 5000m cones or 3x1000m good quality spools of different colours - the brighter the colour the better (not black, grey, navy blue, or bottle green). This is to show the difference between the threads on the machine, to show which one is the upper looper etc. Buy normal sewing thread or overlocker cones, not thick button thread and not the cheap threads from the basket on the counter at Fabric Land*
  • Optional: Any items of clothing that have overlocking techniques on them you'd like to ask about e.g. a type of rolled hem or stitch.
  • Change or your smartphone with Payby Phone app for parking (read our parking info here)- please arrive 15 mins early to find a space and put enough in to park all day without feeding the meter - see parking locations below
  • Please bring your overlocker if you have one, plus guide book, pedal and accessories (including the toolkit with tweezers (please mark your name on your tweezers), screwdrivers/allen keys). We will provide you with an overlocker if you don't have one; please contact us here to say whether you will be bringing an overlocker with you or not
  • You can view Class Instructions for this workshop here.

We provide: Overlocker (or bring your own if you have one), scissors, pins, chalk, tape measure etc if you don’t have your own

Where to buy fabric: Suggestions of where to buy your fabric locally will be given on your booking confirmation, or to see our list of local fabric shops now click here 

Info on covering basic overlocking in Private 121 classes:
Carrie can show you how to use your overlocker in a 121 lesson.  You will learn how to neaten raw edges fast to give a professional looking finish to garments & how to sew jersey garments together with it. She can go into detail on how to thread up, adjust tension in these sessions.

More Student Reviews
"I really enjoyed the Love Your Overlocker Workshop - the teacher was very good and explained things clearly and in a logical progression from basics through to techniques.  The venue was lovely, and it was a very pleasant day spent learning sewing techniques with like-minded ladies."  Jane Dean, Peacehaven 

"I have to tell you that I could not wait to get back on the machine the following day.  It's the best money I have spent in a long time!  I now love my overlocker!"  Valerie Harper, Brighton

"Thank you for an excellent day at your overlocker class. An excellent tutor and everything I needed to know to give me confidence to start working with my new overlocker. Carrie is certainly a good and fun instructor, and the day was good value." Rosey Mills, Nurse, Fareham
 Important - please read before booking:
  1. Each person attending needs an individual log in/password/own contact details to book - you cannot book 2 people on at once through one profile/payment as they will not appear on the system. If you would like to book on a friend who is not already registered with us, you will need to set them up an account.  To do this you will need their name, email address and contact phone number.
  2. Your payment and booking confirmations will be sent to you immediately in 2 separate emails - please check they are correct. If you don't receive them, please contact us here.
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